May Favorites | 2015


Monthly Favorites is new to my blog. I will try as much as possible to post my Favorites of the month, but I can’t always guarantee them. For me, I don’t change things up too often, so you’d see the same favorites every month until you’d see it in my Empties.

This month has a whopping eight favorites. That’s right. Let’s get started!



Maybelline Color Whisper – Color: Orange Attitude – Spring Lippies – Orange tends to be my favorite lippie because it goes well with the yellow undertones in my skin. I actually learned that trick from my mommy. So special shout out to her πŸ™‚ Whenever I did a neutral eye look this month, I always reached for Orange Attitude. I also realized that using another lipstick in my Spring Lippies post that I could mix the nude with the orange when I wanted to tone it down a bit but still have a pretty peach pout.


Simple Micellar Water – Review – Last month, Bioderma was in this spot. Now it’s Simple! I love this stuff. I used nearly half the bottle ever since I found out that water can ruin the pH in your skin while micellar water won’t disturb the natural pH of your face. It’s perfect for lazy days, cleansing the skin or removing your makeup.

IMG_3395Blinc Eyebrow Mousse – This is the quickest way to do your eyebrows in the summertime, because all you do is swipe the product onto your brows and you’re ready to go. It’s so natural looking and almost looks like you took the time to groom your brows when really it literally takes 10 seconds (for each brow, of course.) It keeps them in place because it holds them like a gel, but since it is a mousse, the color payoff doesn’t ruin your entire makeup look if you accidentally get it above or below your brow. Simply wipe it off with your finger and no harm done!

IMG_3394MAC Blot Powder – Now this is a rediscovery. I used this religiously, then I stopped using it for years. Recently, I started back up again this month and I wonder why I ever stopped using it. Let’s face it. I’m a greaseball. My skin will be greasy within an hour or two of applying makeup and I will have to whip my blotting sheets out. MAC Blot Powder lasts on me for hours! I’d say up to 4 or 5 hours before I truly get shiny. I think I’ll use this up for the summer!

Non-makeup/skincare favorites:

IMG_3397Julie G Sound the AlarmSwatch – I hardly put on the same color nail polish twice. This orangey red goes well with my skintone and I feel like I have finally found my red! Cool and neutral reds are okay on me, nothing too bad, but this… match made in heaven. I can wear it on my fingers and toes and they still look great. I’m currently looking for a minty green, yet leaning towards blue color. Have any suggestions?

Aquolina Pink SugarMy Perfume Collection – I never thought I would wear such a sweet smelling perfume for everyday use, but I love it. I smell like candy, but toned down, of course. I think it is perfect for spring/summer. Very fun scent.

Boscia Lavender Blotting Linens – I got this from the Sephora Sale section for $3. These are Okay. I do have to use two each time because I’m a greaseball, remember? The paper is too thin and the oil can even get through to my fingers when I am applying it. I think it’s fine if you’re just touching up, but if you’re completely oily, you’ll need more than one and that’s pretty annoying/wasteful.

Coach Sunnies – Sorry, no link for this one. I got this a couple of summers ago and I still wear it and love it. I have been using it almost everyday and when it isn’t sunny, I just plop it on top of my head and it keeps my hair out of my face. Talk about multi-purpose! They look good for my oval face shape, and aren’t completely oversized. Due to my lack of a nose bridge, all sunglasses slip off my face or touch my cheeks. I find that this slips the least out of my sunglasses collection and only touches my cheeks when I laugh, which is totally normal for me.

These are the favorites I had for the month of May. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Favorites post. Have you tried any of my favorites? What did you think of them?

51 thoughts on “May Favorites | 2015

    • Once I run out of simple (which will be soon) I will return to Bioderma and then it’s the real test of what is better for me for which one I will repurchase! I remember you mentioning you liked Pink Sugar in my perfume collection post! Awesome girl! It smells so good πŸ™‚

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  1. ORANGE everything for you! 🍊
    I picked up the Simple Micellar water based on your recommendation (plus it was on sale) – I hope I will like it!
    MAC Blot is amazing – I love how it doesn’t really add a powdery look but keeps the skin shine-free. πŸ’–
    I love blotting papers and have a massive stash of them (what elaborate is new?) and my favourite is from Mary Kay! They’re larger in size so you only need to use one for your whole face. The Boscia ones are decent, I do like the quality of the paper but like you said, the size is kinda small.

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  2. Ooh I actually just got Simple micellar water based on your review! It’s great and so much better for my skin than a baby wipe when I’m feeling lazy.


  3. I don’t own an orange lipstick, but I believe I’m warm-toned. Your lipstick loks really pretty, though. πŸ˜€
    I also struggle with oily skin and my go-to powder was MAC transluscent, but I accidentally dropped it. </3 Thankfully, I almost hit pan with it and I've utilized it for a long time. I didn't repurchased, though.


  4. Love that you gave a shout out to your mum πŸ™‚ I always hold on to the beauty tips my mum gave me! I had no idea that water can ruin the PH of your skin! Thats my lesson learnt for the day πŸ™‚

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