Body Scrub Review: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush


Using body scrubs has saved me, especially my legs after shaving. Ever since I starting religiously using body scrubs, I have not encountered those pesky little ingrown hairs that I used to. In my experience, body scrubs really do work to help slough off dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer and smoother.

The fun packaging is a (10.1 fl oz.) tub with a screw on top. The price is $15. The formula is a thick, gritty sugar scrub.

My Thoughts

I was expecting a rough body scrub and ended up feeling how thick and only slightly gritty it was. Soap & Glory is known for their strong scent and this lime/lemon scent smelled strong in the tub, but as I used it in the shower, it was a lot more subtle. The firmness/thickness of the scrub needed a few drops of water so that it would be easier to spread and rub into the skin. It was so thick that pieces were falling to the ground, more than usual. Despite it not being as rough as I’d like for it to be, my skin was left noticeably softer to the touch.

Would I purchase?

Yes, it is such a unique scent for a body scrub and was not overpowering. It did the job!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

What do you think of body scrubs? What is the best one you’ve tried?

44 thoughts on “Body Scrub Review: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

  1. I just bought one from a Canadian brand, Consonant Skincare and it’s glycerin based – am going to try it for the first time today!
    Then I’m going to do a self tan on my legs! They’s so pasty compared to my arms, lol!
    I don’t really get on with Soap & Glory scents – I find them to be too synthetic. I’m not sure if this scrub has the same as their signature scent as their Hand Food?


      • Oh yes, I’ve self-tanned my legs for years! I always do a few times pre-summer season before I bare my legs! (no I haven’t busted out the shorts or worn bare legs this year yet!) My legs are a different colour compared to my arms so they just look silly. I don’t go dark. And I just use Jergens – it’s effective and inexpensive. Are you considering a self tan?
        Lime / lemon scent actually appeals to me! I shall have to have a sniff at the store. πŸ™‚

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      • Do sniff it! I think you’ll like it way more than the regular Hand Food scent. Jergens? That sounds interesting.. Not too harsh of a tan. There is one at Victoria’s Secret that I may want to try, but IDK IDK

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  2. I love body scrubs! A while back I had one from Bath & Body Works. It was a peppermint scrub that was released for the Christmas season. It was super smooth and not sticky or clumpy! And it smelled wonderful! But I haven’t been able to find it again. πŸ’”


  3. My favourite just now is Rub Rub Rub by Lush. It’s a sea salt scrub, and if applied on dry skin before shower can be a proper good scrub! I’ve just finished one tub and gave it 10/10 on my empties review!
    Never really tried Soap & Glory scrubs myself. But if you say it’s not really a rough scrub, I’d probably pass on it πŸ™‚

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  4. I love Soap and Glory! Their stuff smells sooo good. I got one of their scrubs about a year and a half ago, but I went through it pretty quickly and didn’t think it was cost effective. Whereas I have one of their body washes from the same time and I have a little under half left.


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