Summer Staples Week | Summer Jewels

Welcome to the first official week of Summer!

For one whole week | Summer Staples Week will include the items of clothing/accessories that I think are the pieces you could wear all Summer long. Please enjoy Part 5 of 7!


The following pictures are taken from my Instagram.

Flash Tattoos are one of the most unique ways to accessorize your outfit because they are temporary tattoos that appear metallic and have different designs. There are endless possibilities of where you can put your tattoos. I’ve done it on my ears as earrings and they lasted a few days. I also put some on my collarbone, arms, and fingers. You can see it more on the picture to the right. Let me show you:


The body chain — “You got me in chains!” — Wear this under a crop top, over a tee shirt, over a simple dress that has a simple pattern; This can even be worn at the beach on top of your bikini as long as you don’t mind the tan lines. The last thing you want is to be tangled up, so wear something simple. My favorite way to wear it is to have it peeking out out a simple top; It certainly adds a bit of interest to the entire look. Here is a picture of what I mean:IMG_3824

Statement necklaces: They are my go-to accessory, especially if I don’t necessarily want to wear any other accessories such as earrings, bracelets, etc. It’s enough on it’s own because it really is making a statement. This is what I mean:IMG_3826

Dainty jewelry: This accessory, I can wear year round. I find it especially nice to wear in the summer because it’s less of a hassle in the sun because it’s so light.


Long necklace: This is another accessory I tend to wear year round. This is the easiest to literally throw on when you are running out of the house. No clasp, no problem.

Statement rings: These are great for going out at night. A statement ring is easy, but it may make your hand feel a little heavy. I only say that because the one I have has a built in solid perfume and it is quite heavy.

Bracelets: These can be worn alone for a dainty, simple look or stacked for the true “arm candy” effect.


Earrings: If you have avoided wearing earrings, now is the time to put them on. When the sun is beaming and you feel like you have to accessorize but there is no way you are layering on necklaces and arm candy, the absolute best solution is to just wear statement earrings. When people look at you, it will be one of the first things they see. You won’t get hot because the earrings won’t stick to your skin the way a bracelet would. Overall, you won’t be as bothered because they are easy to put on and you won’t get silly looking tan lines.

Bottom line: It’s going to be hot outside. If you were to wear any of these, I’d opt for the earrings, for sure.

I hope you are enjoying Summer Staples Week. I can’t believe it’s almost coming to a close!

17 thoughts on “Summer Staples Week | Summer Jewels

  1. Fun post! I have a HoH necklace in that style, too, but it tarnished so quickly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Have to figure out how to clean costume jewelry.

    I like to wear bracelets best!


  2. I’m all about dainty chains! I try to do statement jewellery but they overwhelm me and I find them uncomfortable to wear. The body chain style looks really cool, I like how you wear it!


  3. I really like how you wear the body chain ๐Ÿ™‚ other than that dainty chains and earnings are the most popular throughout my jewellery. But I think I might add some flash tattoos to this summer as well! Might steal the idea of putting it on the collarbone!


  4. Can’t go wrong with Alex and Ani! Arm candy all day every day! Absolutely love your necklace choices and the blue dress that you styled is gorgeous! I wear long necklaces year round, too! ๐Ÿ™‚


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