Lifestyle | Mexican Corn AKA Elote


Here are the ingredients: No exact measurements today — let’s use the eyeballing technique, shall we?

boiled or grilled corn on the cob
parmesan cheese
garlic powder
cayenne pepper

IMG_4005Here’s how I did it:

1. On boiled or grilled corn, spread a thin even layer of mayonnaise on the entire corn on the cob.
2. Dust the parmesan cheese while rotating the corn for an even layer.
3. Sprinkle garlic powder while rotating the corn for an even layer.
4. Depending on how much heat you can handle, sprinkle some cayenne pepper all over the corn on the cob.

I love making this whenever we have corn because it elevates it, makes it more fun to eat, and tastes so good. I know some people get discouraged when I say to spread mayo on the entire corn on the cob, but it’s really to up to you to decide what base to put down for the remaining ingredients. I’ve seen other recipes with butter or sour cream, but I love mayo.

I noticed that I tend to make these in front of guests, and they seem to enjoy the experience of either watching it being made or helping out while learning how to make it themselves. You guys have to try it! It’s so easy to make that you can make it over a nice conversation, and it is quite the conversation piece at family parties and BBQs.


EnJOY! I hope you liked this quick and easy recipe that is great for summer BBQ parties. How do you like your Elote?

12 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Mexican Corn AKA Elote

  1. I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award 🙂 Btw.. that elote looks delicious! I loooove eating it with this chile liquid I can’t remember what it’s called but its delish!


  2. I want to make this! But Parmesan is banned at our house because it smells like stinky feet (his rules not mine, I love the Parm). I guess I could do it without, but it won’t be the same!


  3. Not sure how I missed this, but this sounds absolutely delicious! I recently made corn on the cob with lime cilantro butter and definitely need to try this next!


    • No worries! Thank you for coming back to this post anyway 🙂 Elotes are so so yummy. I’m a little addicted. When I see corn on the cob, I only see all the things I’m gonna smother it with lol Grilled is the legit way to do it, which I don’t do normally, but in the oven or boiled are great too!

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