What’s in My Garden?


I have a little stairway garden because my sister asked me to take care of her plants one day, and I have been doing it ever since. I have now taken over! *evil laugh*

What’s in my garden, you ask?

-Chives – Great on baked potatoes with sour cream

-Basil – Great in pastas, I also made Basil Mayo and Thai Basil Chicken.

-Mint – I use this almost everyday for my infused water. It makes it taste fresher!

-Oregano – Have not used this yet. What should I make?

-Parsley – Have not used this yet. What should I make?

I water them everyday, except for when it rains. They get a huge mason jar full of water for all the plants. My best plants have been Chives (number 1), and Basil and Mint are a close second. I notice that the Oregano needs less watering because there are days that I’m about to water it and the soil looks drenched. Parsley was hard to come by because we missed their peak season, which was late spring, early summer. We were lucky to even get this plant at the time that we did, but that also makes me think that’s the reason why it isn’t doing as well as the other plants.

I know this post is different from what I usually do. Thank you for reading!

Do you have a green thumb? What do you have in your garden? Any tips for beginners like me?

27 thoughts on “What’s in My Garden?

  1. I’ve always wanted to do this so we could have fresh herbs all the time! Can you share a picture of the garden? I need something simple, as I tend to kill plants. :/ I couldn’t even take good care of those orchids you just throw an ice cube in to water!


  2. You are so talented! ❤ I am terrible with plants. The only ones I can keep alive and healthy are my aquarium plants. LOL I don't have to do anything since they already get light, water, and fertilizer (fish poop). I have a few houseplants but they always seem like they're hovering between life and death.

    It must be so wonderful to have fresh herbs to cook with all of the time!

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  3. I absolutely love gardening. Unfortunately my herbs luck has been a bit less successful. I had thyme for over a year and then my dad accidentally sprayed it with weed killer, which I did not appreciate! And basil seems to require more heat than we get here. Any advice for basil? What herbs do you think have attracted the most bees/butterflies? X


    • OH NO! That’s the worst. Well, it wasn’t your fault lol

      With my basil plant, I do see its ups and downs and figured out that it has to do with a lot of sunlight, but the more sunlight that is present, a lot more water is needed. That’s just what I’ve picked up by taking care of those. I do see days when they look dry and almost sad, but the next day they look brand new again! So just give it the most sunlight you can and a lot of water. It drinks it up real fast.

      I think because of the mint plant, which wards off bugs, I don’t see many insects around my plants unless it’s a fly that’s just passing by.

      Thank you for stopping by this post 🙂

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  4. I do not have a green thumb, like seriously I’ve even killed succulents and those things are supposed to be indestructible lol! But kudos to you for growing your own herbs, If I can get the hang of gardening I definitely want to grow my own one day!


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