Tips and Tricks for Applying False Lashes

Cut them in half! Yes, that’s right. Take your scissors and cut them.ย 

If you have small eyes like I do, this will probably benefit the overall look of the lash application. If you’re not great at putting lashes on or are a beginner, this is an awesome tip as well. Here’s how to do it!

Once you carefully remove the lash from the case, make sure the lash will be evenly cut. Upon applying lash glue til it gets tacky, determine where the lash feathers out. That should be the part that goes on the outer third of your eyes to make the appear more flirty and open.


I wore this look and these lashes to a party where onesies/pajamas were required. I still wanted my look to be fresh yet girly. I also added white eye liner to the inner rims of my eyes to make them pop even more.

Do you have any tips to share on applying false lashes?

21 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Applying False Lashes

  1. I’ve only worn false lashes a handful of times but the biggest tip I can give is to test the lashes along your lash line BEFORE you put the glue on. A lot of strip lashes are really long so they need to be trimmed beforehand.
    The half lashes look great on you!

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