Summer Staples Week | Who Wears Short Shorts?!

Manicure Mondays will continue next week. Welcome to the first official week of Summer!

For one whole week | Summer Staples Week will include the items of clothing/accessories that I think are the pieces you could wear all Summer long. Please enjoy Part 2 of 7!

IMG_3701(L to R: colored, denim, black, crochet, and printed shorts)

Denim shorts: If you are going to wear any of these shorts this summer, these are the ones to get!

Colored shorts: These are a bit more fun than a regular pair of denim shorts especially if you want to change it up.

Crochet Shorts: These have become my favorite type of shorts because not only are they comfortable to wear, they give you an effortless, put together vibe.

Printed Shorts: These are fairly new to me because I only rocked black and white printed shorts in the past. I have colored ones now and found that they go best with a neutral top. The shorts should be the star of the outfit.

Here is how I wore my crochet shorts…


Choosing either a black or white top is a safe bet especially when you don’t know what to match your shorts with. I especially like this top because it cinches in at the waist and flows out.

See you tomorrow for another installment of the Summer Staples Week!

15 thoughts on “Summer Staples Week | Who Wears Short Shorts?!

  1. I have large thighs and wearing short shorts are a nono for me since I chafe at the thighs 😔 hate the chaffing… Wish I could wear short shorts! Instead I have to wear longer shorts or skirts with spanks lol


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