Project Focus 10: Conclusion

IMG_8086I’m doing a Project Focus 10 with three beauty bloggers. I am trying to finish up 10 products in the span of 10 weeks. A new PF10 post on any updates along with a product review of one of the products will appear every Monday. It’s a challenge for me because the products must be ones I’d never done a full review on before but are still on the market!

What did I finish up?

  1. Lorac Pro – Hit pan on Cream
  2. Urban Decay eye liner – Sharpened a few times so it’s shorter now
  3. The Body Shop hand cream – The top of this product is completely flat but there’s still a good amount of product left.
  4. Tarte mascara – See Feb + March Empties
  5. NYX lip gloss – Never ending lip gloss
  6. Rimmel concealer – Never ending concealer
  7. Aquaphor – Will be finished soon
  8. NYM sea salt spray – Will be finished soon
  9. Batiste hint of color – See Feb + March Empties
  10. Clinique eye cream – Still a lot of product left

Thanks for joining my bloggers friends and me in this Project Focus 10 –  It has been a fun ten weeks!

20 thoughts on “Project Focus 10: Conclusion

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  2. You get a silver medal for finishing up TWO items! Jodi did an impressive 6 products GONE! 😮 Looks like you’re almost finished a lot of other stuff too – awesome job! 😀
    Haha I’m the opposite of you – I found that Rimmel concealer to finish on me SUPER quickly!

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  3. Kudos to you ladies!! I would probably die from exhaustion with what you guys did! Hahaha awesome posts and have seen so much products that i’ve never seen before.. Great job ladies!👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻


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